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Thorn Run Partners is not just another lobbying firm. We have been called "nimble," "new generation," and "rabidly bipartisan." While our firm boasts all the expertise and government credentials of Washington's mega-firms, we also bring the creativity, collaboration and discipline of an elite boutique. And in a business where measurable progress is often in short supply, we pride ourselves on delivering real results for our clients.

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Today on the Hill: House Faces Big Week Ahead of Memorial Day; Senate to Confirm FDIC Chair

Lawmakers have a busy few days left in this work period before breaking for next week’s Memorial Day recess. The House is aiming to take up a Senate-passed regulatory relief package (S. 2155) that intends to ease the regulatory regime imposed on small and medium-sized banks by the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law, among other changes. The measure is expected to pass in the House thanks to the Republican majority and a likely cadre of Democratic moderates, which will send the bill to a supportive President Trump to be signed into law. Other anticipated action in the House includes consideration of ‘right to try’ legislation (S.

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The Week in Review The farm bill was the main action for the House last week, which came to an end with a surprising failed vote on Friday. The nutrition and agriculture package (H.R. 2) became embroiled in the immigration debate as the House Freedom Caucus decided to oppose the farm bill unless a vote was held on a conservative immigration measure first. Seeing the bill as one of the last major opportunities to flex their muscle before this fall’s midterms, the conservative caucus led the charge against the bill — with all Democrats also voting against due to its inclusion of work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) — ultimately resulting in its failure Friday on a 198-213 vote.