TRP’s Billy Wynne Quoted in CQ Healthbeat on Final Rule for Medicare New Doctor Pay System

TRP's Billy Wynne was featured in an article today by CQ Healthbeat  in which he provides insight on congressional interest surrounding Medicare's soon to be unveiled final rule for a new doctor payment system. The rule, known as MACRA, intends to ease doctors into a new system where their Medicare reimbursement is partially tied to judgments about the quality of care they provide. Wynne explains that many physicians do not know that this law softens the future blow of the potential penalties already in place through Medicare’s existing quality measures, and instead may attribute 2017 reductions in pay to the law. Furthermore, he says lawmakers will have a good chance next year to tuck small changes in MACRA into a larger Medicare bill if there’s substantial outcry about the new rules. 


Rosenstock: Veep Debate Preview, What about Wall Street?

In today's "Morning Money," Politico quoted Thorn Run Partner's Jason Rosenstock on tonight's Vice Presidential debate and whether the candidates are likely to discuss Wall Street. “The main purpose of a vice presidential debate is to show the voters an insight into the candidates' decision making process," Rosenstock says. "To the extent that any issue resonates, and Wall Street and banking issues could be one of them, it will likely be passing at best. People expecting fireworks from the debate – either rhetorically or via policy announcements- are going to be disappointed.”


Thorn Run Partners Announces TRP Health Policy, Adds New Talent to Team

For Immediate Release: September 15, 2016 
Contact: Billy Wynne, (202) 309-0796, 

Today, Thorn Run Partners announced the relaunch of TRP Health Policy (, a division that demonstrates the Washington government affairs firm’s leading expertise and dedication to the healthcare sector. Long-time healthcare lobbyist and former Finance Committee Health Policy Counsel Billy Wynne will serve as Managing Partner of the group, which has added four new professionals in recent months. Additional TRP Health Policy staff have worked for congressional committees of healthcare jurisdiction, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and leading healthcare trade associations, companies, and organizations.


Rosenstock: Would a Trump Blowout Loss Cause Lasting Damage to Conservatives?

In today's Politico "Morning Money," analysts from across Washington gave their takes on the economic speech delivered by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump yesterday. Among other things, Trump called for a freeze on all financial regulation, the renegotiation of major trade deals, and the implementation of a child care deduction in the tax code. Thorn Run's Jason Rosenstock asked a more broad question that was published in the edition, connecting Trump's policy speech with his recent drop in the polls.


Rosenberg Describes Importance of Early Relationships for Roll Call

An article published in Roll Call this morning highlights the advantages of connecting to Congressional candidates early in their political careers, enabling new lawmakers to gain information from Washington insiders while lobbyists are able to develop a rapport with a Member. The article notes that these increasingly common early efforts set up a mutually beneficial relationship that can often last for decades. In the article, Thorn Run's Andy Rosenberg explained that from a lobbyist's point of view, "It’s important for [candidates for office] to get the validation of an existing member or group because you can’t support everybody. You can’t get to know everybody.”


Rosenstock: Warren More Effective for Clinton Campaign in Senate than as VP

This morning, Politico published an article highlighting the skepticism of some political analysts to the possiblity that liberal firebrand Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) would be a wise choice as Vice-President for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. While some on Wall Street have concerns over Warren's record as a fierce critic of the financial services industry, TRP's Jason Rosenstock asserted that the Massachusetts senator would be more of an asset to the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party by remaining in the Senate. 


TRP’s Lamond and Rosenberg Outline the Year Ahead for Roll Call

This morning Roll Call featured an article on the implications of the election and lame duck session for government affairs, featuring insight from Thorn Run's Chris Lamond and Andy Rosenberg. Lamond highlighted a top concern for industry should real estate mogul Donald Trump win the presidency: free trade. "Trade seems to be one of Trump's top issues and could be something he leads with should he become elected," said Lamond. "We're trying to think through how that might impact agreements that our clients care about." Meanwhile, Andy Rosenberg noted the possibility of regulation, even as Congress experiences an extended recess this summer. "There's a real push to get guidance and rules out while they can," said Rosenberg. "Then there's a push on our part to anticipate those and to support or thrwart those efforts."


Rosenstock Analyzes ‘FinTech’ Regulation for Politico’s Morning Money

In this morning's edition of Politico "Morning Money," Thorn Run's Jason Rosenstock provided an in-depth analysis of the effect Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations intended for small-dollar lenders could have on the emerging financial technology, or FinTech, sector. As Rosenstock explains, given increasing attention from Congress and a pending request-for-information from the Department of the Treasury, "the industry is right to think dramatic changes are on the horizon."


Stuart Chapman Joins Thorn Run Partners

For immediate release: April 15, 2016

Contact: Andrew Rosenberg, (202) 247-6301

Thorn Run Partners (TRP) announced today the addition of lobbyist Stuart Chapman as Partner. A veteran legislative and public affairs strategist with over 15 years of policymaking experience as a senior congressional aide in both the Senate and House of Representatives, Stuart maintains a deep reservoir of strong relationships with lawmakers, staff, and stakeholders.


TRP’s Nels Johnson Talks Portland Housing in The Oregonian

This morning, Portland's major daily newspaper, The Oregonian, published an article on the City Club of Portland's report on housing affordability in the city, featuring comments from Thorn Run's Nels Johnson. Mr. Johnson played an integral role in the drafting of the report and noted that there was a "broad agreement on the underlying issue" of providing more 'middle housing' for the city. For Mr. Johnson, the housing issue in Portland requires more urgent action than currently proposed in the state's legislature. "This is a problem that can't wait," Johnson said. "And it's going to require some government intervention."