TRP’s Billy Wynne Quoted in NBC News on the Future of ACA Exchanges

In a NBC News article entitled Give It to Me Straight, Doc: Is Obamacare Dying, Thorn Run Partner’s Billy Wynne weighs in on some of the looming issues regarding the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges. "In many states, it's going in the wrong direction with health plans pulling out," Wynne told NBC News. "The whole idea of the ACA is that these exchanges would succeed in bringing down premiums via competition, but you need participation to have that competition." Wynne also noted that he expects the law’s subsidies will induce insurers to enter markets where others have pulled out, saying that the subsidies would rise to meet higher premiums. "I don't think it's going to collapse absent intervention," Wynne said. "I think it could and likely would collapse with neglect or willful sabotage." The full post in its entirety can be seen below.


In Health Affairs, TRP’s Billy Wynne Offers Five Lessons From The AHCA’s Demise

Today, Thorn Run’s Billy Wynne published a post on the Health Affairs blog gleaning lessons from the demise of American Health Care Act and envisioning steps forward.

The blog post challenges the narrative of inevitability on repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), considers the essential role of stakeholders, looks at the ACA’s original incorporation of some conservative ideas, and highlights how the locus of control is gravitating to Secretary Tom Price and the Department of Health and Human Services’ regulatory authority. Finally, the post suggests possible bipartisan approaches — both legislative and regulatory — that could chart a path forward on health policy.


Bloomberg Government: TRP Among ‘Top-Performing Lobbying Firms of 2016’

On Wednesday February 8th, Bloomberg Government released an analysis highlighting Thorn Run Partners (TRP) as one of its top-performing lobbying groups for 2016. The report identified TRP as one of its 31 lobbying firms that “displayed impressive performance in 2016” by exceeding thresholds in several key metrics such as “growth, client satisfaction, and profitability.” Among the firms listed, TRP was the highest ranked among firms with more than $8 million in lobbying revenue. Since its founding in 2010, TRP has consistently ranked among Washington's fastest growing lobbying firms according to analysis from Politico, The Hill, Bloomberg Government, and others.

In Health Affairs, TRP’s Billy Wynne Gives Five Reasons The ACA Won’t Be Repealed

Thorn Run Partner's Billy Wynne recently published an article in Health Affairs, sharing five reasons why he believes  the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will not be repealed. Among other things, Wynne explains that ACA repeal does not mean gutting the entire law which contains roughly 424 sections and that Republicans would have to face the choice of  shattering a burgeoning consumer-driven market.  "In conclusion, there’s ample reason to believe that enough Members of Congress and maybe even the President-elect will eventually find it irresponsible to move forward in this haphazard, two-step fashion," Wynne writes. "Some are starting to demand the menu be hashed out before they are asked to sit and eat. That shouldn’t be too much to ask. If it is, well, that tells us all we need to know about the truth behind 'repeal and replace.'" 


Politico Cites TRP Financial Services Report on Dodd-Frank Repeal

This morning's "Morning Money" piece from Politico, made predictions about future work by the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress to repeal parts of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law. As a part of that discussion, the article heavily cited the introduction to this week's Financial Services Report written by Thorn Run's Jason Rosenstock. According to Jason, "[T]he transition team has made clear its goal to dismantle Dodd Frank. While Democrats appear to be digging in against a broadside attack, there is a sense that some elements of Obama’s legacy in the financial services space will be either undone or significantly modified." 


TRP’s Richard White Comments on Possible Changes to the Tax Code

In a Biz Philly article entitled 5 Concerns Philly Business Leaders Have about the 2016 Election, Thorn Run Partner’s Richard White weighs why none of the Presidential or congressional candidates have a finalized tax plan. “They’re politicians, and they’re putting out what will appeal to the base,” he says. The article notes that it is difficult for businesses to fully align with candidates because their plans keep changing. “What was discussed in January is not what they are talking about now, and what they’re talking about now is not exactly what they’ll move forward with if elected,” the article says.  “The plans are also vague, so we have to look to how these candidates have voted before.”


In Health Affairs, TRP’s Billy Wynne Sheds Additional Insights on MACRA Final Rule

After the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released their 2,200+ page Final Rule implementing the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), TRP's Billy Wynne  quickly provided epigrammatic analysis published via the prestigous Health Affairs blog to help readers break down and understand the new rule. Specifically, Wynne provides additional insights regarding key provisions of the rule, what it means for physicians and related providers, and potential next steps. 


TRP’s Billy Wynne Quoted in CQ Healthbeat on Final Rule for Medicare New Doctor Pay System

TRP's Billy Wynne was featured in an article today by CQ Healthbeat  in which he provides insight on congressional interest surrounding Medicare's soon to be unveiled final rule for a new doctor payment system. The rule, known as MACRA, intends to ease doctors into a new system where their Medicare reimbursement is partially tied to judgments about the quality of care they provide. Wynne explains that many physicians do not know that this law softens the future blow of the potential penalties already in place through Medicare’s existing quality measures, and instead may attribute 2017 reductions in pay to the law. Furthermore, he says lawmakers will have a good chance next year to tuck small changes in MACRA into a larger Medicare bill if there’s substantial outcry about the new rules. 


Rosenstock: Veep Debate Preview, What about Wall Street?

In today's "Morning Money," Politico quoted Thorn Run Partner's Jason Rosenstock on tonight's Vice Presidential debate and whether the candidates are likely to discuss Wall Street. “The main purpose of a vice presidential debate is to show the voters an insight into the candidates' decision making process," Rosenstock says. "To the extent that any issue resonates, and Wall Street and banking issues could be one of them, it will likely be passing at best. People expecting fireworks from the debate – either rhetorically or via policy announcements- are going to be disappointed.”


Thorn Run Partners Announces TRP Health Policy, Adds New Talent to Team

For Immediate Release: September 15, 2016 
Contact: Billy Wynne, (202) 309-0796, 

Today, Thorn Run Partners announced the relaunch of TRP Health Policy (, a division that demonstrates the Washington government affairs firm’s leading expertise and dedication to the healthcare sector. Long-time healthcare lobbyist and former Finance Committee Health Policy Counsel Billy Wynne will serve as Managing Partner of the group, which has added four new professionals in recent months. Additional TRP Health Policy staff have worked for congressional committees of healthcare jurisdiction, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and leading healthcare trade associations, companies, and organizations.