TRP Tip Sheet: Senate Looks to Clinch Public Lands Package Next Week

— SENATE LOOKS TO CLINCH PUBLIC LANDS PACKAGE NEXT WEEK. A vote on final passage is expected to occur early next week, which would send the bill to the House for consideration.

— HOYER DETAILS UPCOMING HOUSE FLOOR SCHEDULE. The House Majority Leader offered some details about the floor schedule for late June and July, including plans to spend three days debating an infrastructure package.

— CONGRESS CONFRONTS SUMMER DEADLINES FOR STIMULUS SPENDING DECISIONS. Important deadlines are looming as lawmakers deliberate the next steps for COVID-19 relief.

— HHS ANNOUNCES COVID-19 TRAINING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE FUNDING FOR HEALTH CENTERS. $8 million in funding through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is being distributed to more than 70 organizations to support COVID-19 training and technical assistance.


TRP Tip Sheet: Mnuchin Outlines WH Priorities for Next COVID-19 Relief Effort

— MNUCHIN OUTLINES WH PRIORITIES FOR NEXT COVID-19 RELIEF EFFORT. Secretary Mnuchin stated yesterday that another round of relief legislation is “definitely” needed.

— SENATE ARMED SERVICES APPROVES NDAA. Specific details on the legislation are expected to be released today.

— LAWMAKERS PUSH HHS FOR MORE MEDICAID PROVIDER RELIEF FUNDING. Lawmakers joined providers Wednesday in asking HHS to dedicate more COVID-19 relief funding on top of the $25 billion the department announced Tuesday for Medicaid providers and safety net hospitals.

— NIH TO STUDY COVID-19 TREATMENTS FOR CHILDREN. The study will evaluate drugs prescribed to treat COVID-19 in infants, children and adolescents across the country.


TRP Tip Sheet: House Schedules Votes on Police Reform Bill

— HOUSE SCHEDULES VOTES ON POLICE REFORM BILL. The House will be in session for votes during the week of Jun. 22 to consider the package.

— SENATE APPROPS MARKUPS SET FOR WEEK OF JUN. 22. Appropriators still searching for agreement on subcommittee funding allocations.

— TRUMP ADMIN OPPOSES EXTENDING ENHANCED UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT. The Trump administration opposes a Democratic proposal to extend a $600 per week federal unemployment benefit approved in response to the coronavirus pandemic.



TRP Tip Sheet: Democrats Introduce Sweeping Police Reform Bill

— DEMOCRATS INTRODUCE SWEEPING POLICE REFORM BILL. Congressional Democrats proposed a sweeping overhaul of police oversight and procedures on Monday in response to the deaths of black Americans at the hands of law enforcement.

— CONSERVATION BILL CLEARS ONE SENATE HURDLE, BUT MORE REMAIN. Republicans who voted for cloture Monday said they’d be pushing for changes to the measure in the coming days.  

— TRUMP OPEN TO ANOTHER CORONAVIRUS RELIEF PACKAGE. While House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the President is open to another round of relief aid yesterday.

— SBA, TREASURY SET TO ISSUE NEW GUIDANCE ON PPP FLEXIBILITY. The agencies will “promptly” issue new rules and guidance, a modified borrower application form, and a modified loan forgiveness application implementing the provisions of H.R. 7010.


Financial Services Report (6/8)

The protests for justice in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing have upended a congressional schedule, that was already upended by COVID-19, and may likely result in the House of Representatives coming back to DC to vote on a package of civil justice legislation before the end of the month.

In the near term, next week will be dominated by hearings, with multiple hearings on the impact the economic job loss has had on the housing market – both purchase and rental. In addition, Secretary Mnuchin and the SBA Administrator will be in front of the Senate Small Business Committee.

Health Policy Report (6/8)

Capitol Hill Update

Senators will pick up legislative business this afternoon to begin consideration of a sweeping public lands bill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has queued up votes on a bipartisan measure that would permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), while also addressing billions of dollars in deferred maintenance backlogs on existing public lands and national parks. While the bill currently enjoys strong bipartisan support in the upper chamber, it remains to be seen whether the Senate will consider amendments to the underlying bill. A bipartisan group of House lawmakers introduced companion legislation to the Senate’s bill last week.


TRP Tip Sheet: Senate Queues Up Bipartisan Public Lands Package

— SENATE QUEUES UP BIPARTISAN PUBLIC LANDS PACKAGE. Senators will pick up legislative business this afternoon to begin consideration of a sweeping public lands bill.

— DEMOCRATS PROPOSING NEW POLICE PROCEDURES, ACCOUNTABILITY. A sweeping overhaul of police oversight and procedures is being proposed Monday by congressional Democrats in response to the deaths of black Americans at the hands of law enforcement. 

— CHINESE TECH GIANTS CAUGHT UP IN RISING US-CHINA TENSIONS. The order seeks to waive certain environmental and permitting requirements to expedite construction of highways and other energy infrastructure projects on federal lands.

— NEW JOBS NUMBERS RENEW GOP CALLS FOR SLIMMED CORONAVIRUS RELIEF EFFORT. Republicans are pushing for a more narrowly-targeted relief package following better-than-expected jobs numbers last week. 


TRP Tip Sheet: Senate Passes House PPP Flexibility Act

— SENATE PASSES HOUSE PPP FLEXIBILITY ACT. PPP recipients will soon receive additional time and flexibility in using their loans.

— WITH NO GOP INPUT, STAKEHOLDERS FEAR HOUSE HIGHWAY BILL MAY STALL. GOP lawmakers criticized the bill as lacking flexibility for states and giving “outsized” funding to urban areas at the expense of rural communities.

— DEMOCRATS PREPARE POLICE REFORM BILLS AFTER FLOYD’S DEATH. Democrats are preparing a sweeping package of police reforms as pressure builds on the federal government to respond to the death of George Floyd and others in law enforcement interactions.

— FEDERAL RESERVE EXPANDS MUNICIPAL LENDING FACILITY. This expansion will allow at least two cities or counties in every state to be eligible, regardless of population.

— BIPARTISAN COMMITTEE LEADERS PRESS HHS ON PROVIDER FUNDING. Key lawmakers are demanding a timeline for paying out the remainder of the $175 billion in COVID-19 funds that Congress appropriated months ago.


TRP Tip Sheet: House-Passed PPP Bill Hits Snag in Upper Chamber

— HOUSE-PASSED PPP BILL HITS SNAG IN UPPER CHAMBER. Sens. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Mike Lee (R-UT) have threatened to prevent unanimous consent passage of the bill.

— DEMOCRATS OFFER $494 BILLION TRANSPORT BILL TARGETING ECONOMY, CLIMATE. Democrats on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee unveiled a five-year, $494 billion surface transportation bill this morning.

— WHITE HOUSE WEIGHS OPTIONS FOR NEXT STIMULUS BILL. President Trump is planning to meet with his senior advisers as soon as this week to discuss policy options for the next coronavirus relief package.

— HHS ANNOUNCES $250 MILLION TO SUPPORT HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS RESPONDING TO COVID-19. This tranche of funding seeks to support hospitals and other health care entities that are treating patients and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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