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TRP Health Policy’s mission is to help people be healthy, and we understand that is the essence of your mission too. To get there in this rapidly evolving policy space, you need both political heft and substantive depth. That’s why we deliver insightful, actionable analysis and sophisticated, informed advocacy to help you achieve your goals.

The result: a government affairs partner that actually understands this stuff, empowering clients to get their answers first, understand them better, and act on them with unparalleled confidence and precision.


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This is where we put the *know* in TRP Health Policy, and in you. Nowhere else will you find every reg, every hearing, every grant, every ACA section, every topic, every policy development broken down for you, with careful analysis and insight you can act on - now.

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Our promise: you will understand every policy impacting your specific goals and be fully prepared to respond. We don’t sit back waiting for your call – keeping you one step ahead is our job. Our personalized, concierge service will give you the strongest platform for building your policy success.

  • Unlimited access to Policy Hub with real-time delivery of relevant materials
  • Personalized impact analysis of legislative and regulatory changes
  • Strategic planning and strategic doing
  • Questions answered and ambiguities resolved
  • Outreach to Capitol Hill and the Administration to clarify policy developments
  • Responsive research and memoranda
  • Issue briefs addressing coverage and reimbursement of your products and services
  • In-person and telephonic conferences to ensure understanding and identify next steps
  • Preparation of advocacy materials, including regulatory comments, one-pagers, FAQs, etc.
  • Internally facing materials to help educate your own organization's audiences
  • Grant writing
  • Policy development and legislative drafting
  • Relationship development with policymakers
  • Administration meeting preparation and execution
  • Targeted advocacy with CMS, the White House, and other paramount agencies
  • Congressional lobbying
  • Cultivation and delivery of bill sponsors
  • Ally development
  • Engagement with key policy drivers such as MedPAC, GAO, CBO, etc.
  • Consolidated activity tracking with consistent reference to strategic objectives


Don’t react to policy, redefine it. With seasoned veterans of CMS and Capitol Hill’s healthcare committees, let us hone and amplify your message, ensuring it resonates with policymakers. In healthcare, it’s the right care. In policy, it’s the right message – at the right time, delivered to the right people. That’s where we excel.

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Latest update from the TRP Blog

Public Hearing and Request for Comments for Using REMS to Address Opioids Crisis Announced

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced a public hearing for its Opioid Policy Steering Committee (Steering Committee), which was established in May. The focus of the public hearing, “Prescribing Intervention – Exploring a Strategy for Implementation,” is to solicit input from stakeholders regarding how FDA can use its Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) authority to improve the... More (Galvanek, 12/11/17) #Behavioral and Mental Health, #Food and Drug Administration (FDA), #Opioids, #Pharmaceuticals, #Physicians, #Public Health

Featured Post

Latest update from the TRP Blog

President Trump Signs Continuing Resolution through Dec. 22

President Trump signed the continuing resolution funding the government until Dec. 22. The measure also includes a provision allowing CMS more flexibility in using CHIP redistribution dollars for states facing emergency shortfalls through Dec. 31, 2017, although it does not include any new CHIP funding. Congress must now contend with the approaching Dec. 22 deadline for once again funding the... More (Zatorski, 12/8/17) #Budget, #Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – General