Next Week on the Hill: Republican Leaders to Huddle at Camp David This Weekend Ahead of Congress’ Return on Monday

Republican congressional leaders are looking to get a jumpstart on their 2018 strategy this weekend in a retreat with President Trump at the Camp David presidential getaway in Maryland. Compared to the more specific discussions on a funding package earlier this week, the Camp David meetings are expected to focus on the long-term Republican strategy before November’s midterm elections. The congressional delegation — expected to include Republican leadership from both chambers — will likely outline the balance between policy objectives and the political realities of election season, which is set to be a defining theme in Congress this year. Meanwhile, President Trump is reportedly going to press his colleagues this weekend for the introduction of a long-anticipated infrastructure package.

After a false start this week due to the House’s absence and the Senate’s weather-induced early departure, both chambers will convene next week to start their legislative work for 2018. The Senate has a cloture vote scheduled for Monday on the nomination of William Campbell to be a U.S. District Judge, with three additional judicial nominations in the queue for the remainder of the week. The House’s legislative docket for next week has yet to be released.