Today on the Hill: House Considers Intel Reauthorization and Reclamation Bill; Senate to End Week with DoD Nom

The House is set to vote on a reauthorization for the U.S. intelligence community today that would cover both the 2018 and 2019 fiscal years. The bill (H.R. 6237) recently cleared both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on bipartisan votes, but most of the bill’s prescribed policy changes and funding levels are classified. House consideration today will feature an hour of general debate and votes on a dozen amendments before a final vote on the underlying package expected this afternoon. Following the intelligence bill, House lawmakers will also consider a bill (H.R. 3281) that would provide for certain transfers of reclamation project or facility titles to non-federal ownership, which passed the House Natural Resources Committee on a 17-12 vote in September 2017. 

After a crowded Wednesday that saw successful votes on non-binding language regarding congressional oversight of the president’s authority to use tariffs and the confirmation of a controversial Justice Department nominee, the Senate expects only one vote today. The vote will be on the confirmation of Paul Ney to be the Department of Defense’s General Counsel after the nomination passed a cloture vote yesterday (74-25) and is expected to be the last floor action for the Senate this week.