Today on the Hill: Drug Pricing, ACA Legislative Package Hits House Floor

House lawmakers will begin consideration of a package (rules committee print) of health care bills aimed at addressing prescription drug pricing and rolling back Trump-era ACA regulations. While a significant portion of the legislation pertaining to drug pricing enjoys bipartisan support — such as provisions that target “pay-for-delay” settlements (H.R. 1499) and generic “parking” (H.R. 938) — the addition of legislation rolling back some of the Trump Administration’s health regulations (H.R. 1010) and providing new funding for state-run Exchanges (H.R. 1385) and the Navigators program (H.R. 1386) has ensured that the full package will not receive substantial Republican support. A final vote on the comprehensive health care package is expected later today following consideration of 27 amendments to the underlying bill.

In the upper chamber, Senators will resume clearing the presidential nominations queue with confirmation votes on the nominations of Wendy Vitter to be a U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana, and Brian Bulatao to be an Under Secretary of State. Following these votes, the Senate is expected to take up the nomination of Jeffrey Rosen to be Deputy Attorney General of the United States.