Today on the Hill: House Queues Up Drug Pricing Suspension Bills

House Democrats are set to address their broad goal of addressing prescription drug prices with a vote on two incremental pieces of legislation. The drug pricing suspension bills (H.R. 1503 and H.R. 1520) up for consideration today would respectively update the FDA’s Orange Book and Purple Book to provide better information on brand drug and biologic patent exclusivity. Additionally, lawmakers will also take up an Energy and Commerce suspension measure (H.R. 1328) that would establish an Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth tasked with promoting broadband internet access.

In the upper chamber, Senators are set to clear three nominees to the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank — an agency that has been somewhat hamstrung due to Congressional inaction on nominees. This includes the nomination of Kimberly Reed to be Ex-Im President, as well as the nominations of former Rep. Spencer Baucus (R-AL) and Judith DelZoppo Pryor to be Members of the Ex-Im Board of Directors. Confirmation of the three Ex-Im nominees would provide the bank with the necessary quorum to approve transactions greater than $10 million, something it has not been able to do since 2015 amid gridlock over the bank’s mission.