Today on the Hill: House Takes Steps to Bring Disaster Relief, ACA Bills to the Floor

House lawmakers will begin their legislative work week this afternoon as the chamber looks to clear two key legislative priorities. For today, the House will consider three bills under suspension of the rules out of the Foreign Affairs Committee, including a measure (H.R. 1704) that seeks to foster commercial relations with foreign countries and support U.S. economic and business interests abroad. Off the floor, lawmakers in the House Rules Committee will meet later today to develop the rule that will govern debate for both the disaster relief aid bill (textsummary) and legislation that would reverse Trump-era Affordable Care Act guidance (H.R. 986). A vote on final passage of these bills is expected later this week.

In the upper chamber, Senators will hold a final confirmation vote on of the nomination of Joseph Bianco to be a Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit Court. Following consideration of the Bianco nomination, the Senate will likely begin consideration of three nominees to the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank. This includes the nomination of Kimberly Reed to be Ex-Im President, as well as the nominations of former Rep. Spencer Baucus (R-AL) and Judith DelZoppo Pryor to be Members of the Ex-Im Board of Directors.