Today on the Hill: Biden Secures Front-Runner Status Following Strong Super Tuesday

Former Vice President Joe Biden turned in a strong showing at yesterday’s “Super Tuesday” primary elections, winning ten out of the 14 states up for grabs: TX, NC, VA, MA, AK, AL, ME, TN, OK, and MN. While votes are still being counted in several states, Vice President Biden’s performance is projected to propel him over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — who won CA, VT, UT, and CO — on the delegate leaderboard. Meanwhile, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg suspended his campaign this morning following yesterday’s results and endorsed Vice President Biden, thus further consolidating moderate Democratic support around the former Vice President’s candidacy. The next contests in the Democratic presidential primary will take place on Tuesday, Mar. 10, as voters will head to the polls in ID, MI, MS, MO, ND, and WA.

Back in Washington, Congressional appropriators are continuing to hammer out an agreement on an emergency supplemental appropriations package that seeks to bolster coronavirus response efforts. While lawmakers originally targeted yesterday for introduction of the measure, disagreements on vaccine pricing, hospital reimbursement for uncompensated care, and telehealth payments have delayed the process. Despite these outstanding issues, Congressional leadership has remained steadfast in their assertion that a deal is imminent and could be considered in the House as soon as today.

On the floor, House lawmakers will begin debate on a bill that seeks to boost worker rights and provide Title 5 status for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees. In the upper chamber, Senators will resume their work on the bipartisan energy package, with a vote on a motion to proceed to full consideration of the bill expected at some point today.