Today on the Hill: House Begins Work on NDAA

Lawmakers will begin work on the House version of the fiscal year (FY) 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), starting with the rule to govern debate on the measure. The rule would make in order 439 amendments for floor consideration, suggesting that work on the $733 billion measure could extend late into the week. With House Republicans expected to reject the bill over concerns about its lower price tag, Democratic leadership has a slim margin of error to work with as progressives could split with the party if their priorities — such as reining in the Trump Administration’s war powers, cutting the bill to $700 billion, and blocking arms sales to Saudi Arabia — aren’t tacked on to the lower chamber’s bill.

In the upper chamber, Senators will resume clearing presidential nominations, starting with the nomination of T. Kent Wetherell II to be a District Judge for the Northern District of Florida. A full list of pending nominations can be found here