Today on the Hill: Senate Eyes Action on Government Funding Ahead of Thanksgiving Recess

The House will reconvene for legislative business today at noon following its passage (231-192) of a stopgap funding measure that would avert a government shutdown yesterday. On the floor, House lawmakers have queued up nine suspension bills out of the Natural Resources Committee. This includes a measure that would direct the Department of Interior to conduct a special resource study in portions of the Los Angeles coastal area to evaluate alternatives for protecting resources of that area, as well as legislation that would extend funding for approved wetlands conservation projects under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act though fiscal year (FY) 2024. The lower chamber will also consider a rule that will govern debate on an Education and Labor bill that seeks to address workplace violence in the health care and social services sectors.

Meanwhile, the upper chamber is expected to consider the stopgap funding measure before the end of this week. While the Senate could take up the continuing resolution (CR) as soon as today, it appears that Senators will pass the bill tomorrow before leaving Washington for the Thanksgiving district work period. For today, Senators are scheduled to vote on the nominations of Adrian Zuckerman to be U.S. Ambassador to Romania and Barbara Lagoa to be a Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit Court.