Trump, Kim Sign Joint Statement to Conclude Singapore Summit; Senate Reaches Deal on ZTE Amendment in NDAA Debate

President Trump’s long-awaited summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has come to a close after the two leaders met late last night and formalized the signing of a joint statement outlining the broad parameters of a future relationship between the two countries. The document largely mirrors previous agreements between North Korea and the international community, with few details and no timeline for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. However, both leaders seemed pleased with the outcome of the meeting, with President Trump saying that the joint agreement was “tremendous” and that he expects the denuclearization process to start “virtually immediately.”

As the President returns from overseas, Congress is beginning to tackle their significant slate of legislative work for the week. The House today has a whopping 26 bills to be considered under suspension of the rules, which limits debate to 40 minutes each and requires a two-thirds majority for passage. The measures primarily stem from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, including many measures that are designed to complement the opioid bills to be considered pursuant to a rule later in the week. A full list can be found on the House Majority Leader’s website, here.

Meanwhile, the Senate is expected to continue debate on the FY19 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) after a vote on the motion to proceed passed yesterday on a 91-4 vote. A version (H.R. 5515) of the mammoth $708.1 billion spending and policy bill for the Pentagon has already passed the House, but senators are beginning to work on issues that are expected to be prominent when the package eventually goes to conference. One item that the two parties reportedly came together on yesterday was an amendment to keep in place penalties against Chinese telecom company ZTE despite the Trump Administration’s efforts on an agreement with the Chinese government to ease those penalties.