This Week on the Hill: House Democrats Look to Pass Sweeping Election Reform Bill

House and Senate lawmakers are set to begin another legislative workweek. Senators will return to action today and will resume their push to clear the presidential nominations queue starting with consideration of Allison Jones Rushing’s nomination to be a Circuit Judge for the Fourth Circuit. The Senate is also expected to take up the nominations of former Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) to be Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, and Chad Readler and Eric Murphy to be Circuit Judges for the Sixth Circuit Court.=

House lawmakers will return Tuesday, and have teed up the Democrats’ sweeping ethics, campaign finance, and voting rights reform bill (H.R. 1) for the week. The bill includes provisions that aim to expand voting rights by creating an automatic voter registration system and making Election Day a national holiday for federal workers. It would also seek to reform the nation’s campaign finance system by increasing transparency in campaign donations and prohibiting coordination between super PACs and candidates. While the measure will likely pass the House later this week, it’s considered dead-on-arrival in the GOP-controlled Senate.