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Budget and Appropriations

Getting your program the level of attention it needs to be included in the President’s annual budget request, and funded or added as part of the congressional authorization and appropriations process, requires unique experience. That experience — and a fluent understanding of this arcane process — is only truly gained by having been in the room when it happens.

Our seasoned team has the first-hand experience that your organization needs to help educate and influence the senior department program managers who prepare their agency budget requests, along with the Members of Congress and committee professional staff that shape these requests into federal appropriations. Our deep bench of experts have worked with nearly every federal department and understand the programming and planning processes that formulate budget requests. We have served as professional staff on authorization and appropriations committees, supported the Members and leadership that draft and pass these measures each year, and provided the follow through to make sure appropriated dollars are executed as directed. From start to finish, we have been involved in the process of translating federal policies and programs into real-world impacts on Wall Street and Main Street.

When it comes to generating ideas for department and agency programs, protecting a budget request, or seeking new or additional funding in the annual authorization and appropriations bills, TRP has the experience and relationships to make it happen — and billions of dollars in results for our clients to show for it.