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Rachael Wiggins Emory

Senior Vice President

Rachael Wiggins Emory brings a decade of experience in both legislative and local Oregon politics to her role. As the Mayor’s liaison to the Portland City Council, she took the lead on drafting Council documents and partnering with Council offices to adopt significant policy. As a member of the Thorn Run team, Rachael helps her clients achieve their goals by advocating for legislation and funding allocations, managing rulemaking responsibilities, and facilitating relationship-building. She brings expertise and experience in closely tracking legislation and working with elected officials, coalition partners, and stakeholders to ensure that priority policy issues are successfully passed and implemented.

Rachael leads much of the firm’s work on technology, social services, and behavioral health. She has secured millions of dollars for needed services, including funding for statewide outdoor school and expanded access to Oregon’s social services information and referral hotline. She was also instrumental in leading a coalition of stakeholders to pass significant updates to the State’s mental health parity laws, increasing access to behavioral health services for all Oregonians. Rachael takes pride in the lived experience she brings to her work, her ability to bring stakeholders together to develop and pass good policy, and maintaining her strong professional relationships at the state and local level.

Rachael holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Northwestern University. In addition to her work at Thorn Run Partners, she serves on the boards of nonprofits working in environmental conservation, reproductive rights, and human services. She enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and Betty White (her Great Pyrenees).