BGOV Cites Thorn Run as ‘Standout’ Firm for 2020

Bloomberg Government recently published its “2020 Top-Performing Lobbying Firms” report, listing TRP as a “standout” firm for last year.  Since its founding in 2010, Thorn Run has consistently ranked among Washington’s top tier lobbying firms according to analysis from Politico, The Hill, and Bloomberg Government, among others. “We are proud to have earned the rank as one of Bloomberg Government’s top lobbying firms for 2020,” said TRP co-founders Andy Rosenberg and Chris Lamond. “This prestigious achievement is a reflection of our team’s tireless efforts to provide value for TRP’s diverse portfolio of clients this past year, and we look forward to the prospects of continued growth and success in 2021.”


Bloomberg Government Highlights TRP’s Strong Q1 Growth

An article by Bloomberg Government cites TRP among lobbying firms that have “prospered” early in the Biden administration, touting Thorn Run’s impressive 25 percent growth in the first quarter when compared to the same time last year. While the President’s ambitious policy agenda will certainly keep organizations with a stake in federal policy busy, TRP’s Andy Rosenberg commented that the slim margins in both chambers could limit certain windows of opportunity — thus underscoring the importance of thoughtful engagement and meaningful connections on both sides of the aisle. “Democrats have an ambitious policy agenda and full control of the government. But the margins are ultra narrow, so while the stakes are high, nothing is guaranteed,” said Rosenberg.


In InvestmentNews, TRP’s Rosenstock Discusses Dynamics of 50-50 Senate

In an article for InvestmentNews, TRP partner Jason Rosenstock offered his commentary on the filibuster’s impact on the Democratic policy agenda. While the House has passed several pieces of legislation that hone in on key Democratic policy priorities, Rostenstock sharply pointed out that the pileup of bills will increase pressure on Senate Democrats to eliminate the filibuster and clinch significant legislative wins. This dynamic is particularly relevant with the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, a sweeping package of labor rights reforms that cleared the House on Tuesday, March 9. “As long as the legislative filibuster is intact, it’s going to be hard to find 10 Republicans to vote for the bill.” said Rosenstock.


In The Hill, TRP’s Rosenstock Offers Commentary on Biden Financial Regulatory Agenda

In a recent article from The Hill, TRP Partner Jason Rosenstock provided commentary on President Joe Biden’s financial services agenda as his key regulatory nominees move through the Senate confirmation process. With Biden SEC and CFPB nominees Gary Gensler and Rohit Chopra poised to take the helm at their respective posts, Rosenstock aptly noted that the more liberal financial policy priorities are likely to manifest through agency actions given the narrow Democratic majority in Congress. “The narrow margins in the Senate and the fact that — so far, at least — the filibuster seems like it’s in place, a lot of the progressive wish list is going to move to the agencies,” said Rosenstock.


POLITICO Ranks TRP Among Top 20 Lobbying Firms in 2020

Thorn Run Partners is proud to have earned the rank as one of the nation’s top 20 lobbying firms for 2020 by POLITICO Influence — the leading government affairs beat in Washington, D.C.   Since its founding in 2010, TRP has consistently ranked among Washington’s top tier lobbying firms according to analysis from Politico, The Hill, Bloomberg Government, and others. “Clinching POLITICO Influence’s list of top 20 firms is a reflection of our team’s tireless efforts to provide value for the firm’s diverse portfolio of clients — especially during the challenging circumstances of the global pandemic,” said TRP co-founders Andy Rosenberg and Chris Lamond. “We are excited about the prospects of continued growth and success for 2021 and into the future.”


In POLITICO, TRP’s Rosenberg Offers Commentary on Next Pandemic Relief Package

In yesterday’s edition of POLITICO’s Transition Playbook — a leading news beat on the transfer of power in Washington, D.C. — TRP’s Andy Rosenberg prognosticated the next round of COVID-19 relief aid for what is soon to be a unified Democratic government. With the Democrats set to control the White House and both chambers of Congress following victories in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, Rosenberg explained that this sweeping change of leadership is an opportunity for the President-elect to clinch policy wins on his top “rescue and recovery” priorities. “The expectations and assumptions about what was possible a week ago are completely obsolete,” said Rosenberg.


In CQ, TRP’s Rosenstock Forecasts Senate Dems’ Banking Agenda

In an article for CQ, TRP’s Jason Rosenstock offered commentary on the Senate Democrats’ Banking Committee agenda for the 117th Congress. With Democrats in control, Rosenstock pointed out that the Biden administration will be able to staff up significantly quicker and with more liberal nominees compared to what was forecasted under a GOP-controlled Senate. Also on the agenda, he expects Senate Democrats to use the Congressional Review Act (PL 104-121) to rescind regulations finalized by the Trump administration in the last 60 legislative days. However, given the 50-50 margin in the upper chamber, Rosenstock aptly stated that centrist senators on the committee will affect the scope of Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown’s (D-OH) agenda, leading to smaller, more targeted proposals on the issues Chairman Brown cares about.


Long-serving Appropriations Staffer, Retired Army Colonel B.G. Wright Joins Thorn Run Partners

For Immediate Release: January 4, 2021
Contact: Andrew Rosenberg, (202) 247-6301 (

Thorn Run Partners (TRP) ( announced today the addition of B.G. Wright as Partner in their Washington, DC office. Most recently, B.G. was a professional staff member for the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science. His oversight responsibilities included the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the National Space Council, providing generational impact to programs that will return humans to the Moon and beyond.