Local Government

Navigating the complex relationship between local and federal governments requires experience and a depth of knowledge about a wide variety of issues impacting communities across the country.
Minor policy or regulatory changes in Washington have dramatic impacts on local government operations and budgets.
The Thorn Run Partners team has over 60 years of combined experience producing measurable results for our local government clients. TRP represents over two dozen local governments, special districts, public utilities, and transportation authorities from across the country, including everything from small rural communities to large urban areas.
We provide expert guidance on policy and regulatory issues, as well as navigate and influence the federal appropriations and grant processes to position our clients to achieve success.
Results are no longer accomplished through a simple earmark; they require sustained engagement through the legislative, regulatory, and agency processes. TRP brings a unique depth of knowledge to the broad array of local government issues.
Thorn Run Partners 2023
With our diverse client list and experience, our team has wide-ranging expertise on issues such as transportation, water resources, infrastructure, public safety, economic development, natural resources, affordable housing, and health care, among other issues, that is unparalleled.
The TRP team has a record of success for local government with real results delivered by the team that actually provides the service. TRP’s local government team also prides itself on direct, frequent, and targeted communication with our clients. We take the time to truly understand our clients’ local assets, priorities, and areas of concern. This approach allows us to ensure our clients are able to effectively engage across the federal government to achieve results.