National Security

Navigating the complex world of national security can seem like a daunting task. With annual budgets that dwarf all the other federal departments and agencies, working with the Department of Defense and other elements of our national security establishment represent equal parts challenge and opportunity.
In Thorn Run, you have a trusted and experienced advisor to guide you through this often purposefully opaque environment – with results to show for it.
Whether you are seeking to find new customers for your technology, change existing policy, build your customer base, or cement your position as a provider to our nation’s warfighters, we have the experience and relationships to help.
Our reach spans from the members of the congressional defense and intelligence committees, across the river to the Pentagon and Intelligence Community, and around the nation and world where national security programs are researched, developed, tested, and deployed.
Regardless of what program you are interested in or what policy impacts you, if your objective has a value to the warfighter, TRP can help you achieve it.