How the world fuels and powers its future is one of the key public policy questions facing policymakers in Washington D.C.  Whether it's the fuel that propels our cars or the resource that charges our smart phones — those that want to generate, produce, transport, and consume that energy face a myriad of challenges and opportunities in the legislative and regulatory process.
The professionals at TRP have substantial experience advocating on behalf of our clients before the key committees and the Administration.
For example, our firm regularly works with the House Energy and Commerce, Senate Energy and Natural Resources, and both Appropriations Committees, as well as the Department of Energy, Department of Interior, and the White House, where we maintain strong relationships with these key policy stakeholders.
Whether you are a trade association trying to advance a new technology, an entrepreneur passing through the valley of death, or a local government looking to leverage federal investments, TRP is poised to help you ensure that the federal government is a partner in your success.