Our firm was built upon the notion that proper representation in Washington, D.C. requires a bipartisan team of professionals that have the requisite legislative and agency experience to conceptualize, manage, and implement a full-scale government relations strategy.

We also believe that firms emphasizing either political heft or substantive policy depth present a false choice.

In today’s environment, stakeholders require a breadth of relationships and political acumen as well as substantial policy expertise on the issues of importance to them.


From our earliest days, TRP's DNA has been bipartisan, building over time from a collection of former Capitol Hill staffers to a first-in-class "Top Ten" firm with extensive experience representing diverse clientele on Capitol Hill and before the Executive Branch.

In addition to our deep knowledge and experience advocating in Congress, we enjoy established relationships within the White House and virtually every federal agency, ensuring that we can effectively counsel and advocate for our clients in the issue areas that matter to them.