Hitching a Ride on a Moving Health Care Vehicle

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These days, it’s no secret that Congress isn't passing too many bills. So when a rare “must-pass” legislative vehicle makes its move, everyone in town tries to put their pet provisions in play. Although few make the cut, TRP has had more than its share of successes.

When one such provision, the Medicare physician fee reimbursement bill (the so-called “doc fix” or “SGR” bill) made its run in early 2014, Thorn Run Partners was prepared to take advantage for its clients. And while scores of stakeholders across town faced disappointment when congressional leaders demanded a “skinny” bill, bereft of extraneous provisions, TRP successfully crafted a plan that saw two separate attached and subsequently enacted and signed into law.

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TRP clients successfully attached to the bill was a measure that restricted CMS from implementing a new inpatient payment rule for hospitals, known as the "Two-Midnights" rule, for a full year.

The bill also contained a significant demonstration project drawn from the “Excellence in Mental Health Act,” the #1 legislative priority of several firm clients.