Congress Returns Next Week to Focus on FAA Reauthorization

May 3, 2024

Both chambers will resume legislative business next week as lawmakers look to clear a bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ahead of the May 10 deadline. While the FAA Reauthorization Act cleared the Senate’s latest procedural vote during yesterday’s session, negotiations are still ongoing with respect to votes on a series of amendments that are both germane and nongermane to aviation. Notable amendments that have been filed to the bill that pertain to: (1) credit card swipe fees; (2) extending the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP); (3) children’s online safety legislation; (4) perimeter slots at DCA; and (5) raising the pilot retirement age. If the Senate is unable to move the bill in time for next Friday’s deadline, another short-term extension could be needed to keep the agency operational.