Next Steps on Government Funding to be Announced Sunday

February 23, 2024

With one week until the March 1 government funding deadline, multiple reports from Capitol Hill indicate that congressional leadership will announce next steps in the government funding process on Sunday. As of now, expectations are that appropriations leaders will either announce a deal on a pair of “minibus” spending packages that carry all 12 bills in some form or fashion, or another continuing resolution (CR) to provide more time for lingering policy disagreements to be ironed out. While key appropriations cardinals — including House Transportation-HUD Chair Tom Cole (R-OK) — expressed optimism that Congress can reach a funding deal ahead of the deadlines, Freedom Caucus members are continuing to press for conservative policy riders, spending cuts, or a full-year CR that allows a one percent across-the-board spending cut to go into effect. More developments are likely throughout today and over the weekend ahead of lawmakers’ return to Washington next week.