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Politico: Thorn Run Tops K St. Growth in 2014

October 22, 2014

According to a new analysis from Politico, Thorn Run Partners (TRP) is expected to be Washington’s fastest growing lobbying firm in 2014. A review of the data shows that TRP is projected to increase annual revenue by about 32 percent this year, a trend that defies movement seen throughout the industry. As a multidisciplinary firm that offers expertise in government affairs, regulatory policy, and public affairs, Thorn Run has fostered a balanced growth throughout sectors including healthcare, financial services, transportation, education, telecom, and energy.

Politico: State of K Street: Smaller Firms Still Outpacing Big Guns in Growth

PI has crunched the numbers on a random assortment of firms of different sizes and has concluded that being nimble and small is no disadvantage in this environment. We reported Tuesday that a healthy number of the big firms were seeing growth. But six firms are on pace for double-digit growth this year, according to our projections. Those firms are Thorn Run, Crossroads Strategies, Gephardt Group, Republic Consulting, Daly Consulting Groupand Shockey Scofield Solutions… [I]t’s clear that the revenues coming into K Street are increasingly being spread out among an ever-growing pool of specialty firms, boutiques and mid-sized shops that have lower overhead and are more nimble than their bigger counterparts. See our chart of growth rates and projections here using the quarter three numbers: