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Thorn Run Partners Announces Addition of Six-Person Practice Group, Continuing its Remarkable Growth with New Expertise in the Pursuit of Federal Funding

February 14, 2022

Chris Fish, Scott Tominovich and Jessica Venable join as partners.  Joo Young Lee and Jake Parduhn join as Vice Presidents. Casey Newell joins as a Legislative Associate.

For Immediate Release: February 14, 2022
Contact: Andrew Rosenberg, (202) 247-6301 (

Thorn Run Partners (TRP) announced today the addition of a ready-made team of six seasoned government relations specialists with wide ranging expertise in representing private companies, institutions of higher education, health care providers and institutional clients on matters related to federal funding. The group, which grows TRP’s roster of professionals to 44, is bringing numerous marquee clients with them to Thorn Run Partners.

The new team, which works with organizations of all sizes and support structures, offers TRP clients a wide range of consulting services to diversify their means of securing extramural funding. This includes strategic planning, federal marketing, partnership development, lobbying, grantsmanship training, and grant development support.

The group brings a combined nine decades of experience across all sectors of the competitive funding landscape, a broad network of collaborators, and a deep understanding of the policies and practices that will grow an organization’s funding portfolio. They have a long and proven success rate in securing Federal, state, and private funding for infrastructure development, academic programs, health care programs, and research and development.

New TRP partner Scott Tominovich explained the move, “TRP provides an outstanding home for us as we look to guide our clients through the evolving world of federal funding. We had a lot of options, but we were extremely impressed by TRP’s collaborative environment and willingness to support our commitment to a hands-on approach to serving our clients.”

Jessica Venable added, “Now, more than ever before, we can deliver creative, nimble, bespoke, and disruptive solutions that meet our clients’ needs, rather than trying to shoe-horn our clients into pre-packaged services. It’s exciting to be part of a nationally ranked firm that shares our values and embraces our vision.”

Chris Fish remarked, “We look forward to bringing Thorn Run Partners enhanced capabilities related to working with clients and outreach with federal agencies to secure government funding. We are excited about complementing the congressional lobbying expertise that Thorn Run Partners provides the numerous clients the firm serves. This is an ideal marriage that provides our clients with a more sophisticated level of service.”

“This is a game-changer for our firm,” said Thorn Run Partners co-founder Andrew Rosenberg.  “In recent years, we’ve been quietly rising in both size and reputation. The addition of this team, coupled with our prior strength in appropriations and municipal representation, makes us an instant leader in this important sector and expands the breadth and depth of services we are able to offer our clients.”

Co-Founder Chris Lamond added, “In addition to comprising an incredible group, these new colleagues are all phenomenal individuals and great teammates. We are very excited to welcome them to the firm.”

About Thorn Run Partners

Founded in January 2010 by veteran lobbyists Andrew Rosenberg and Chris Lamond, who previously served as staffers to Senators Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) and Fred Thompson (R-TN), respectively, Thorn Run Partners is a full-service, 44-person government relations, policy and strategic communications firm with offices in Washington, DC, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA. It has been recognized as a Top 20 lobbying firm by respected publications including Politico, The HillCongressional Quarterly, and Bloomberg that ranks among the nation’s most creative and effective government relations companies.