Today on the Hill: Lawmakers Await Details of Highly Anticipated Funding Deal

February 13, 2019

Lawmakers are poised to unveil details of a comprehensive border security deal that they hope will prevent a partial government shutdown ahead of Friday’s deadline. The deal — headlined by a Homeland Security appropriations bill including $1.375 billion in border security funding — is expected to be signed by President Trump once it passes both chambers despite falling short of the President’s $5.7 billion priority. The agreement will also fund the other six outstanding appropriations bills through the end of this fiscal year, including: Agriculture; Commerce, Justice and Science; Financial Services and General Government; Interior and Environment; State and Foreign operations; and Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

Meanwhile, negotiators are also working to iron out a provision that would provide backpay for federal contractors who were not paid during the last shutdown. While there’s a desire on both sides to get it done, reports suggest that there’s disagreement among Republicans and Democrats as to whether they should slip this provision in or address it separately. Additionally, Congressional aides have indicated that the funding package will include a $1.2 billion increase in infrastructure spending — which will be allocated for improvements to highways and bridges, ports, and rail infrastructure — as well as a $30 million boost in funding to combat the opioid crisis.

On the floor, the House is set to consider a resolution (H.J.Res 37) that directs the removal of United States Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen. In the upper chamber, Senators will resume consideration of William Barr’s nomination to be Attorney General of the United States.