Today on the Hill: Funding Bill Hits Trump’s Desk After Senate Passes CR

September 27, 2019

After a busy month that saw significant action on appropriations and a push towards impeachment proceedings, House lawmakers have convened to wrap up legislative business for September. On the floor, the House will consider a suspension bill out of the Homeland Security Committee that would authorize a Joint Task Force aimed at improving the Department of Homeland Security’s ability to detect and interdict synthetic opioids and narcotics. Lawmakers are also poised to take up a Senate-passed resolution (S.J.Res. 54) that would terminate President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration on the southern border.

Following passage (81-16) of a continuing resolution that would avert a government shutdown, Senators have departed Washington for a two-week district work period. The bill now awaits President Trump’s signature and he is expected to sign it at some point prior to the Sept. 30 deadline. The measure would fund the government through Nov. 21 while also ensuring that numerous key funding priorities — including extensions for several expiring health care programs, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and Export-Import Bank — do not lapse.