Today on the Hill: White House Wraps Up Impeachment Defense

January 28, 2020

The Senate, sitting as a court of impeachment, will convene this afternoon as President Donald Trump’s legal team prepares to rest its case. Following the conclusion of the White House defense team’s opening remarks, Senators will have up to 16 hours of questioning before determining next steps. If the upper chamber does not pursue additional witness testimony or evidence beyond the scope of the House’s work, the impeachment trial could wrap up as soon as this week.

In the House, lawmakers are set to consider four suspension bills out of the Foreign Affairs committee. This includes a measure authorizing the State Department to pursue public-private partnerships and coordination with international and multilateral organizations to address childhood cancer globally. The lower chamber will also pass a rule that will govern debate for the credit reform package and legislation (H.R. 5543; H.R.2456) that seeks to limit President Trump’s ability to engage in military offensives against Iran absent Congressional approval.