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TRP’s Rosenberg Participates in Alliance for Health Policy Webinar on COVID-19 Legislation

March 30, 2020

On Friday, Mar. 27, TRP Co-founder Andy Rosenberg participated in an Alliance for Health Policy webinar on the legislative and regulatory efforts to address the COVID-19 outbreak. Rosenberg provided the audience with a high-level overview of the legislative activity in Congress to stem the impact of the outbreak. He also forecasted future actions that lawmakers could take to address existing and emerging COVID-19 issues.”If there’s one thing we’ve seen so far, it’s that this trajectory has just been faster and more dire than we’ve expected,” said Rosenberg. “So even though Congress expects to be out of town until April 20, we imagine that when they return at the end of April, there will probably be some urgent needs in industries and sectors that we can’t even predict right now that they’ll have to get to work on.”

The webinar in its entirety can be watched below. TRP’s presentation can be accessed here.