Clinching a Legislative Victory for Health Care System Modernization

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Working to capitalize on New York’s 2012 landmark I-STOP legislation, which addressed the opioid crisis devastating communities by requiring electronic prescribing of prescriptions — including controlled substances — Thorn Run worked with state legislatures and drove Congressional efforts to help require electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS).

While we worked with state legislators in dozens of states, ultimately leading to 32 states enacting EPCS requirements, we also worked with Hill offices in the late 2010s to introduce and pass The EPCS Act. The EPCS Act, which requires EPCS for Medicare Part D, was passed as part of the 2018 SUPPORT Act.

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At the state and federal level, both efforts not only saved hundreds of lives by undermining doctor shopping, but brought about the modernization of the country’s health care system — an effort that helped our client quintuple annual revenue with their authentication platform.

Since the passage of these laws, national EPCS usage has mushroomed to above 70 percent of all electronic prescriptions.