TRP’s Rosenstock Quoted In Washington Post Article on Big Banks in a New Washington

TRP's Jason Rosenstock was recently quoted in an article for The Washington Post that discusses the state of the financial services system under the new House Democratic Majority. The article highlights Rep. Maxine Water’s future role as potential Chairwoman of the Financial Services Committee and what that might mean for industry insiders. “A lot of this is headline risk, but they have to prepare to handle that and make sure it doesn’t spiral into real regulatory or legal concerns,” said Rosenstock. 


TRP’s Rosenstock Quoted in AP Article on Economic Impact of the Midterms

Thorn Run Partners’ Jason Rosenstock was recently quoted in an article for The Associated Press that discusses the potential impact of the 2018 election on the U.S. economy. The article highlights President Trump's assertations that the U.S. economy will struggle if Democrats win control of the House. Despite his proclamations, Rosenstock contends that the president may be willing to work across the aisle to boost his legislative portfolio ahead of the 2020 election. “Trump is the wild card here,” said Rosenstock. “He may want to be seen as a deal-cutter going into the 2020 election.”


TRP’s Rosenstock Discusses Potential Impact of a ‘Blue Wave’ in Piece for American Banker

Today, TRP’s  Jason Rosenstock penned an article in American Banker where he discussed what a potential “blue wave" could mean for the financial services system after November’s midterm elections.  "If one were to believe only the clickbait headlines, the ascendant Democratic majority in House is being built on a foundation of populist, anti-establishment socialists whose aim is to undermine and replace America's open-market system with a leftists command economy that will destroy our financial services system," said Rosenstock. "The truth, however, couldn't be more different." Rosenstock argues that the electoral math for next year should give pause to those in the industry who view a potential Democratic majority as "the end of days." He also astutely points out that the industry should begin thinking about pragmatism and bipartisan solutions. "Next year should be a time to build, not burn, bridges." 


Politico’s “Morning Money” Tipsheet Cites Jason Rosenstock’s Comments on Far-Leftward Democratic Movement

This morning’s “Morning Money” tipsheet from Politico featured comments from Thorn Run’s Jason Rosenstock on the notion that this primary season showed both a far-leftward and anti-establishment stance by Democrats. Rosenstock astutely notes that while newspapers and other media outlets are determined to put forward the belief that this primary season is showing a far-leftward movement in the Democratic party, “a simple examination of the facts shows that it is not the case.” He also notes that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the so-called establishment, backed candidates that won 95% of the time. “Further, the moderate Democrat was successful about 87% of the time, while the ultra-progressive left-wing groups only had about a 30% win rate in the primaries,” said Rosenstock. “While the current make-up of the Democratic party in the House favors the progressives, it seems pretty clear that any future Democratic majority will be built on a foundation of moderates, and that this should temper the agenda of the Democrats in 2019.”


TRP’s McCarthy Discusses New GOP Preexisting Conditions Bill in Article for IHP

In a recent article for Inside Health Policy, Thorn Run Partners’ Senior Vice President Shea McCarthy discussed the GOP’s Preexisiting Conditions Protection Bill and its signal towards the end of the GOP’s ability to use the Affordable Care Act as a strategic rallying message. “If last year’s ‘repeal and replace’ effort offered a lens into the GOP’s nuanced positions on Obamacare, the introduction to enshrine the law’s key consumer protections bring those distinctions into even clearer focus,” said McCarthy. “As the Trump administration backs a lawsuit that would gut the law’s insurance reforms, this cadre of ideologically-diverse Republicans are sending the clearest signal to date that they support many of the ACA’s key tenants.” Additionally, McCarthy astutely pointed out that while debates over the law’s subsidy structure may continue over time,  “It’s difficult to contemplate at this point another serious effort to undo the ACA root and branch.”


TRP’s Davenport Credited with Key Role in Beach Restoration Project

A recent article for The Islander News cites Thorn Run Partners’ Jim Davenport for his role in securing Congressional support in adding the Village of Key Biscayne to Miami-Dade County’s federal beach restoration project. Village Council Member Gary Gross credited Davenport’s role in securing the a letter signed by members of the Miami-Dade Country Congressional Delegation — including Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), Mario Diaz Balart (R-FL) and Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) — to the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expressing their support for the beach restoration efforts. “We support of the Village’s and County’s efforts to have the Key Biscayne shoreline included in the Dade County Beach Erosion Control and Hurricane Protection Project,” the letter states. “We also support the Village’s request to participate in Section 111 of the Continuing Authorities Program, which authorizes the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to initiate investigations and studies in the interest of mitigation of shore damage attributable to Federal Navigation work.”


TRP’s Chapman and Rosenberg Discuss the Transformation of DC Lobbying in Journal Article

An article written by Thorn Run Partners’ Stuart Chapman and Andrew Rosenberg was featured in the Political Science Applied  journal last month. The piece, entitled “Lobbying Congress in Today’s Washington,” examines the shift in the perception of lobbyists in Washington, D.C., from “legislation crafters,” to intricate policymakers rooted in advocating for a client’s cause. Chapman and Rosenberg outline the transformation of modern lobbying, suggesting a form of legislative action that is guided by policy specialists who use expansive knowledge, strong communication with various organizations, and recruit the interests of stakeholders in the drive for change. The authors note that this approach to advocacy operations has helped Thorn Run achieve sector-leading growth, making TRP far from a one-dimensional firm.


TRP’s Shea McCarthy Quoted in Inside Health Policy on HHS’ Decision to Embrace ‘Silver-Loading’

In an Inside Health Policy article published on Wednesday, June 6, Thorn Run Partner’s Vice President Shea McCarthy discussed HHS Secretary Alex Azar’s recent indication that the HHS will not block “silver-loading” of insurance plans for 2019. As Mr. McCarthy explained, “while the Trump administration’s approach to ACA implementation has led many advocates to embrace the notion that HHS would seek to undermine Obamacare at all costs, Secretary Azar’s decision to embrace the practice of ‘silver-loading’ sends a slightly different signal.” As he pointed out further, the administration likely recognizes the political implications of significant premium increases coming during the height of election season, and may be sensitive to the fact that they could invite further scrutiny by taking additional steps that would increase costs.


Santa Maria Times: Local Officials Credit TRP’s Greg Burns with Securing Federal Funding

A new article from the Santa Maria Times highlights the work of Thorn Run’s Greg Burns in securing federal funding to support community projects. The article touts Burns' work in representing the city of Santa Maria, crediting him for his efforts on issues including water resources, transportation and infrastructure, and public safety. “City officials credit [Greg] Burns with helping secure federal funding for community projects like the rehabilitation of the Santa Maria River Levee, which provides flood protection and relief from flood insurance premiums for more than half of the city,” the author writes.  “Other projects include construction of the Santa Maria Public Library and Santa Maria Area Transit Center.”


Thorn Run Promotes Elizabeth Remley to Partner

For Immediate Release

Contact: Dan Bates, (503) 927-2032

Thorn Run Partners (TRP) announced today the promotion of Elizabeth Remley to Partner.   Remley is part of the firm’s Portland, OR office where she has led state legislative efforts for numerous firm clients since 2012.  Remley specializes in Oregon government relations services with well over a decade of deep relationships in the Legislative and Executive Branches.