TRP’s Rosenstock Offers Perspective on Bloomberg Financial Reform Plan

In an article for The Hill, TRP Partner Jason Rosenstock provided commentary on former New York City Mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s proposed financial reform plan. While the article notes that Bloomberg’s proposal puts him within the mainstream Democratic party, Rosenstock points out that Wall Street may find elements of the plan troubling as he positions himself to make inroads with the party’s left flank. “It’s indicative of how far the Democratic primary voters have shifted to the left when this proposal is sort of seen as a center-left proposal,” said Rosenstock.


In Inside Health Policy, TRP’s McCarthy Offers Context on Drug Pricing Legislation

In an article for Inside Health Policy, TRP’s Senior Vice President Shea McCarthy shared his insight on the impact of Sen. Joni Ernst’s (R-IA) support for the Grassley-Wyden drug pricing legislation. While Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has been touting the increased support for his signature drug pricing bill among Republican Senators, McCarthy pointed out that Sen. Ernst’s contemporaneous endorsement of a competing drug pricing bill may serve to highlight the GOP’s intraparty schisms on drug pricing policies. “[Ernst’s] dual endorsement of the Finance package and the alternative from Sen. Crapo effectively reinforces Leader McConnell’s perspective that there are major divisions in the Senate GOP conference over how to address drug pricing,” said McCarthy.


In CQ Roll Call, TRP’s Rosenstock Forecasts Congress’s Financial Services “To-Do List” in 2020

In an article for CQ Roll Call, TRP’s Jason Rosenstock offered his insights on Congress’s Financial Services “to-do” list for 2020. While speculation indicates that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will spend more time on presidential nominations in 2020, Rosenstock pointed to cannabis banking legislation, anti-money laundering laws, and flood insurance reform as top priority policy items that could hitch a ride on a larger financial services-related package or must-pass measure before the end of this year. “Clearly there is a broad interest in getting some type of relief for banks and payment processors,” said Rosenstock. “But whether there is enough support for a narrow, financial services industry-only fix will play itself out over the next year.”


TRP’s Maresca Cited in Skilled Nursing News Article on Medicaid Supplemental Payment Rule

In an article for Skilled Nursing News, TRP Senior Vice President Andrea Maresca was quoted following a recent decision by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to extend the comment period for its proposed rule on supplemental payment programs under Medicaid. The article cites Maresca’s presentation at the American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) 2019 annual convention and expo, where she acutely noted that oversight of these programs has been a long-standing concern for the agency as they have evolved over time. “All of this is driving work in the agency to come up with a regulation that will put more parameters about how supplemental payment programs would work in the future,” stated Maresca at the October conference. “The agency is also concerned about the lack of a clear link between how payments are made to providers, and whether these are made based on services delivered or somehow tied to quality and outcomes.”


TRP’s Rosenberg Offers Commentary on Flexbility for Working Moms

TRP’s Andy Rosenberg was recently quoted in an article for NBC News that highlights the different ways in which an employee can request flexibility from their employer in order to accommodate to modern working motherhood. As the article underscores the tactics that one may employ in manifesting a flexible and inclusive work schedule, Rosenberg noted that many employers who are willing to make flexibility accommodations are at a competitive advantage for talent, especially given the tight labor market. “This should be a win-win scenario.” said Rosenberg.


POLITICO Influence Newsletter Highlights TRP Memo on 2020 Congressional Landscape

In the Dec. 19 edition of its "Influence" newsletter, POLITICO highlighted TRP's take on why 2020 could be a productive year in Congress despite impeachment and the upcoming presidential election. “At the end of the day, however, most lawmakers recognize that they were sent to Washington to pass legislation and appetites for bipartisan, problem-solving wins are greater than they appear," TRP's memo states. "The top-level political narrative is only the tip of the iceberg and ignores the very real work to pass laws that goes on in even the most contentious political environment.”


In Roll Call, TRP’s Rosenberg Offers Perspective on Year-End Spending Deal

In an article for Roll Call, TRP’s Andy Rosenberg offered his perspective on the key policy deals that were clinched in the recent end-of-year spending deal. While the article points to notable achievements in the health care and medical device industries, Rosenberg astutely pointed out that these “last-minute wins” were culminated as a result of tireless advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill. “It’s important to recognize that these big deals don’t just materialize out of ether,” said Rosenberg. “Their underlying merit has been lobbied for months or longer to get them in a position to pass.”


In Roll Call, TRP’s Rosenstock Forecasts 2020 Landscape for Data Privacy, Fintech Policies

TRP’s Jason Rosenstock was recently quoted in an article for Roll Call that outlines policy issues the fintech industry may have to contend with in 2020. In particular, Rosenstock pointed to existing and emerging data privacy measures, specifically centered around California’s data privacy law and the European Union’s enactment of the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation, that could spur legislative action on privacy next year. “You’re starting to really, truly see, at least in the states, a real patchwork emerging,” said Rosenstock. “I think it will only serve to continue to draw attention to the issue [in 2020].”


Politico Influence: Lankler Heads To Thorn Run

In the Dec. 9 edition of the POLITICO Influence newsletter — the leading government relations beat in Washington D.C. —  Thorn Run Partners was cited following addition of Greg Lankler as TRP’s 14th partner. After spending more than 20 years working in the U.S. House of Representatives and liaising with nearly every department of the federal government, Mr. Lankler has dedicated most of the last decade to helping large and small defense contractors, startups, Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, and other stakeholders navigate the congressional appropriations process. “We are thrilled to add Greg Lankler to our team,” stated TRP co-founding partner Chris Lamond. “Greg’s reputation and expertise are second to none in the field of national security and intelligence, and under his leadership, we are building one of the top practices in the city.”


Veteran Defense Lobbyist Greg Lankler Joins Thorn Run Partners

As the firm’s 14th partner, Lankler brings defense policy and appropriations expertise, as well as a wealth of strong bipartisan relationships on Capitol Hill.

For immediate release: December 9, 2019

Contact: Andrew Rosenberg, (202) 247-6301,

Thorn Run Partners (TRP) ( announced today the addition of Greg Lankler as Partner in their Washington, DC office, where he will lead the firm’s national security and intelligence community practice.  After spending more than 20 years working in the U.S. House of Representatives and liaising with nearly every department of the federal government, Mr. Lankler has dedicated most of the last decade to helping large and small defense contractors, startups, Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits, and other stakeholders navigate the congressional appropriations process.